full bulls new england

The Full Bulls New England "TRAIN-A-BULL"  shelter project is an ongoing donation and sponsor driven program aimed to support a shelter bully breed that can use some basic obedience training.  Favoring greatly the dogs chances of adoption through a better balanced  presentation at his or her meet and greets. The monies collected throughout the year will directly sponsor 100% of the cost for an approved and reviewed professional board and train facility. The dogs selected for this all donation based program will be selected by our Core Group members and decided on. If approved the dog will begin training immediately after review of the intake evaluation. We also believe the relief of stress is great when the animal is taken off the shelter property and socialized with other dogs in training.

You can learn more about this program at our website to follow the dogs we are sponsoring and future dogs that will attend our program by visiting our website www.fullbullsne.com and our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/fullbulls . Or ask a shelter staff member more about details. If you would like to donate to this cause you can donate at the shelter or by clicking on our donate button on either site.

 A shelter is a scary place to be for a dog!

As much as we try to enrich shelter pet lives, shelters are a stressful place to be. Stress changes a pet's behavior. Some pets will behave more aggressively when stressed, some more fearfully, and some will be quieter and more inhibited. It is important to recognize the role of stress on our behavioral evaluation results. If a dog is aggressive, is it because she is really stressed? If he is NOT aggressive, is it because she is inhibited due to stress?

 Pit Bulls have great physical and mental characteristics that make them excellent partners for responsible, active, and caring owners.  On the other hand, these same outstanding qualities can make them a little difficult to handle for people who don't have a lot of experience with dog ownership or for those who don't understand the breed very well. This often ends with the adoptive families not wanting their new found family member and off they go back to the shelter, again.

 Luckily, Pit Bulls are very responsive to training and eager to please.  It is therefore strongly recommended to take them to obedience classes as soon as they are up to date with their shots.  (Pit Bulls are prone to distemper and parvo, so it is important that they receive all their vaccinations before coming into contact with other dogs or going places that other dogs frequent).  A well-behaved and obedient Pit Bull will be a great ambassador for the breed and help fight prejudice and misconceptions.

 The dogs that need socializing will go through a rigorous process that includes obedience training. There's no special training for pit bulls. 

"They're dogs like any other dog, so there's no different protocol." A dog's a dog."